Hemorrhoids in Pregnancy

Being pregnant should be an exiting time. However the very fact that you are pregnant can make you more susceptible to certain health conditions. Some can be serious and pose a threat to your unborn child such as high blood pressure others, although uncomfortable are of no risk to your baby.

One such condition is hemorrhoids in pregnancy. They can be very painful and itchy. They stop you from getting about and doing your normal jobs and day to day tasks. During labor your hemorrhoids may prolapse so the can cause a problem afterwards too. If you have an epidural during labor you probably wont feel anything till the next day.

So if you are one of those people who suffer from hemorrhoids in pregnancy then you need to be aware of what is safe medication. Treatments are available for the symptoms from pharmacists and most of these will warn you of any risk involved in using them during pregnancy.

Certain products require internal use and may have a fiber supplement to soften your stools and ease bowel movements, which can help ease hemorrhoids and lessen pain. Obviously anything you ingest will enter the blood stream of you and your baby so it is important to know if the ingredients are safe.

To help yourself you can do a few easy things that can help with hemorrhoid pain.

Lie on your side so that it eases pressure on the artery that runs down your body.

Keep active and exercise as normal and as best as you can and follow doctors advice.

Follow a sensible diet, avoid junk food and be careful about cravings.

Take a bath with a half a cup of salt added to the water. You can by a special small bath just for this purpose called a sitz bath. A large washing bowl or baby bath will do the same job so perhaps just save your money.

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy can put a real downer on the whole experience so it is best to try and seek a remedy. The problem may return after you have given birth and it is very likely that they will come back if you have another baby.

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